Best Lawn Mowers: Pros and Cons

Best Lawn Mowers: Pros and Cons

With so many types of lawnmowers out there, which one should you choose? Depending on the size and terrain of the area that needs cutting, some mowers will work better for your purposes than others. Here’s the rundown.

Push Behind

The push-behind mower is the “classic” you’re probably most familiar with: a gas or electric engine-powered machine that cuts as you walk behind it, moving the wheels with your own energy. Simple and straightforward, the push mower is good for small to average yards. 

Bad Boy Push Mower 25

Bad Boy Push Power 25"

Pros: Push mowers, like the Bad Boy Push Mower 25", often include a mulching option, allowing you to fertilize the lawn with clippings. Electric mowers feature easy, push-button starts for those who don’t like yanking on cords in the gas-powered models.

Cons: Gas mowers are noisy and create emissions, and electric mowers, while better for the environment, need to be plugged in or charged, which can be a hassle.


The self-propelled mower works like a push behind, but with one key difference: the engine also powers the wheels. With that kind of extra power at your fingertips, it’s easier to cut larger or sloped lawns. Like push-behind mowers, they can bag or mulch clippings.

Pros: The self-propelled mower takes the burden off your biceps as you navigate larger or more difficult lawns. They are available in front, rear, or all-wheel drive.

Cons: Like gas-powered push mowers, gas-powered self-propelled machines produce emissions. Electric self-propelled models present similar challenges with charging or cords.

Lawn Tractors

The lawn tractor, or traditional riding mower, can cut large swaths of grass (up to 54 inches in some models), and is very well suited to large yards.


Pros: The versatile lawn tractor cuts large yards and fields with ease. It drives comfortably, and since it has a familiar steering wheel and foot pedal, isn’t difficult to navigate. Many models, including the Simplicity Broadmoor, offer a variety of landscaping attachments, such as a grass catcher and mulching kits, aerators and tillers. You can even turn your mower into a snow blower!

Cons: Although lawn tractors are better than push mowers for large yards, they require more storage space. Compared to ZTRs, they have a wider turning radius and run at lower speeds.

Simplicity Broadmoor - NCI Power Equipment

Simplicity Broadmoor


Zero Turn Radius Mowers

ZTRs are ridden like lawn tractors, but since they have a turning radius of zero, they can pivot in tight spaces, which is great for large yards with lots of trees or complex landscaping. 


Bad Boy Maverick - NCI Power Equipment

Bad Boy Maverick

Pros: A ZTR makes for precision cutting, and since the engine is in the back, it’s easier to see your work as you go. Faster than lawn tractors, some ZTRs, such as the Bad Boy Maverick, can reach speeds of up to 9 mph.

Cons: Since the ZTR uses two handles, rather than the traditional steering wheel you’ll find on a lawn tractor, it can be harder to navigate. Also, since it’s a newer technology, you may find fewer choices.


What type of mower is best for you and your yard? Once you’ve narrowed down to a particular type, an experienced dealer can help you choose the brand and model that will give you a beautiful landscape at the best price!

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