5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Your Next Mower

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Your Next Mower

1. The Size of Your Yard

When it comes to yards and mowers, size matters! If you live in a small- to medium-sized yard that measures one-half acre or less, you’re likely to do just fine with a walk-behind mower. If you live in a larger yard (or if it’s physically challenging to walk while you mow), you may want to consider a ride-on mower. Although ride-on mowers cost more than walk-behinds, you will find that with a larger yard, the saved time and maintenance will pay off in the end.

2. Your Yard’s Landscaping

If you have a flat, open yard, you’ll get the job done with a standard walk-behind or ride-on mower. However, if your yard features hilly terrain, you may want to save yourself some sweat by opting for a self-propelled mower. Do you have a large yard punctuated with trees, pathways, or other “obstacles”? Consider a ZTR, or zero-turning radius mower, a ride-on mower that allows for agile maneuverability and precise cuts.

3. Comfort

Some gardeners enjoy the workout of pushing a mower; others like the extra boost they get from a self-propelling engine. If you opt for a riding mower, it’s important to choose one with seats that offer you the back support and leg room you need. Don’t underestimate your physical comfort in choosing equipment. You’ll be using this mower for hundreds of hours over the years!

4. Safety

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), approximately 37,200 emergency room treated injuries occur each year as a result of lawn mowing accidents.  When it comes to choosing a heavy piece of cutting equipment, safety is paramount to you and your family. Check mowers to ensure they include automatic shut-off features and back flaps. In the case of ride-on mowers, foot controls and parking brakes are a must. And as always, learn and practice the best safety guidelines whenever you use your equipment.

5. Reliability

Nothing is worse than discovering a broken mower when you’re about to cut several inches of grass. Ensure your mower’s long lifespan by choosing a high-quality product that will last at least a decade, not just a couple of seasons. To make sure your dealer knows how to maintain and repair your product, shop from a mower specialist, not a big-box store. Professional and reliable after-sale service will save you time, money, and headaches.

Once you’ve considered the important factors in choosing a mower, find your best guide to help you make your choice. Contact us for more information about how to select the equipment best for you and your beautiful landscape, and check out our current specials on mowers!


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