Other Equipment

Keeping your land looking its best takes a great mower, but what about those "other" jobs, like edging or trimming? NCI Power Equipment has you covered - or, in the case of a blizzard or autumn leaves, uncovered. Not only will you find high-quality brands like  Echo, Shindaiwa and Simplicity in our stores, we also carry the extras and upgrades that make maintenance and landscaping a job you'll look forward to.

Come to one of our three convenient Ohio locations if:

  • Your trimmer runs out of string in the middle of that stubborn patch of weeds.
  • You'd love a premium seat for your Bad Boy mower so you can do yardwork in style.
  • You want to hitch a snowplow on your XTV ahead of that whopper of a winter storm.
  • There's a specialized landscaping project you have in mind, and you need the right equipment.

Once you've found the perfect heavy lawn equipment by completing our buyer's guide questionnaire, come back for another visit and discover all the premium peripherals your green thumb could possibly desire. With NCI Power Equipment on your side, it's easy to keep your lawn lush and green, your sidewalk and driveway clear, and put even the biggest piles of snow and leaves in their place.